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The Sordid Tale of Old York

And One Of It's Inhabitants

8 July 1954
i'm edvard. The old yorker.
35mm photography, activism, acts of kindness, admiration, adobe, adobe in-design, alfred hitchcock, analytical papers, analyzation of films, anaïs nin, ancient mythologies, anime, anju//shinobu, ansel adams, art, b+w = love, being me, black and white photographs, blazing sea nuggets, blurred photographs, book of kells, books that.make me think, brilliant + illuminance, brilliantly written books, buddhism, byron baldwin photographer, casimiera, changing my own world, charisma, cheerwine, cinematography, compassion, creativity, danielle howle, darkness.upon.lightness, dead languages, diana wynne jones, diasporous, diversity, divine apathy, dr. house, drawing, driving down independence, egyptian deities, eire, elusive sunsets, ethereal moments of eternity, europe, expression, fascination, fashion, film making, films, finding a way into.being, finding my own strengths, food, foreign films, freedom, full.moons at night, geisha, gothic colleges, handmade journals, honesty, humor, humorous.honesty, importicos in new orleans, inspiration, intelligence, japanese films, jigsaw puzzles, jump little children, kagawa kyoko, kurosawa akira, las lunas del sol, laughter, life, light + dark, light complexions, listening to bach's tocatta.in.d.minor, literature, liz's head is.made.of cheese, long.white.dresses on windy days, martial arts, medieval japan, memories of micah, mifune toshirô, mizoguchi kenji, motivation, movement, mr baldwin's studio, music, music that.runs.in.my veins, my film class (the.people!.2004), my ledge.overlooking versailles gardens, mythology, night stars to.watch.above, nonwestern art, notoriously deceitful, observation, old nickelodeon shows, paper cranes, people that.say hello&goodbye, perfection.in.buildings, photo ii in 2001.2002, photo journalism, photo manipulation, photo studio at mp, photographing.the.rain, photography, photoshop, poetry, precociously clear blue eyes, puzzles that.are actually.complicated, rainer maria rilke, reading, regina spektor, samoyed, samurai deeper kyo, sanshô dayû, sarcasm, saved by the bell, seven samurai, shakespeare, smiles, standing.in.the.rain, stone castles, strength lies in beauty, sunsets.of.elusive beauty, terry pratchett, the illusion of depth, the sound of rain, the unperfect fantasy, the.friends i.hold in.my.heart, theatre, those with open minds, thoughts, time that always changes, tori amos, traveling.to.unknown.places, twilight, upenn off the beat, used bookstores, white socks on hardwood-floors, wisdom, wit, words.of.imagery, writing, yin-yang